Could the flip phone be about to make a comeback?


It was a technology icon of the Nineties. And now the flip phone could be about to make a comeback following the announcement that both LG and Samsung will be unveiling flip models later this year.

However, this new generation of flip phones will be very different from the models from years ago. Rather than flipping as such, they will bend, so that consumers who want a big screen, but who want to be able to fit their device in their pocket can do so.

According to reports, both Samsung and LG will release the bendy phones later this year. While the official names of the phones are not yet known, Samsung’s is currently going under the codename Foldable Valley and will transform into a 7 inch tablet. It is understood this one will be available for sale in August. Meanwhile, LG will launch a similar folding product and is believed to be confident of selling 100,000 of these during the fourth quarter of this year.


It follows Samsung being granted a patent for a folding design which means that a device can become a tablet. The firm is understood to have spent three years developing the innovative technology which is now almost ready to bring to market. It is believed to have been testing screens to develop a product which can be folded without shattering. But, because such a model would bend at a very sharp angle, many analysts have said that it is not yet possible and that a hinged device may be more likely.

Previously, the tech behemoth, which is headquartered in South Korea, had said it would be launching folding devices in 2016. However, Samsung has said that it will not comment on any speculation about new technology. Meanwhile, LG has previously shown off technology which allowed a screen to be rolled up.