Conspiracy Theorists Claim John Kerry Visited Secret Nazi UFO Bases in Antarctica


Conspiracy theorists are claiming that US Secretary of State visited secret Nazi UFO Bases in Antarctica last month.  Officially, Mr Kerry visited the continent to highlight the effects of climate change.

The theorists believe that Hitler did not die in the bunker in 1945 but instead escaped to Antarctica by submarine, and that in the run up to World War II the Nazis were experimenting with flying saucer technology, sharing their UFO base with reptilian like aliens.

This bizarre claim is prompted by images released by NASA which according to the conspiracy theorists shows the Nazi bases in the ice.

YouTube channel SecureTeam 10 claim that an area of 150 miles is the location of the Nazi base.  Scientists have said that this is an actually an impact crater from a meteor strike.

Tyler Glockner who narrates the channels said, “To this day, scientists have no idea or way to discover exactly what is buried deep under this thick ice shelf.

“This continent has been shrouded in a mystery of its own for years now.”

Nigel Watson, a researcher and author of UFOs: The Nazi Connection, said:  “The idea of alien or flying saucer bases in Antarctica is nothing new. In 1962, Albert Bender who ran the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB) in Bridgeport, Connecticut, claimed that alien beings took him to their underground HQ in Antarctica.

“At the base, he saw beautiful female aliens and aliens in the form of men.

“The purpose of the base was to extract chemicals from seawater to send back to their home planet. They told him that if we attacked them they could detonate all of our atomic weapons.

“Such stories are used to support the idea that flying saucers are of Nazi origin and that they established an underground base at Antarctica after World War II.

“Sceptics think such stories are the product of malicious disinformation or fantasies, yet that doesn’t stop people continuing to believing in their existence.”

Of course, Mr Kerry could have actually been there to highlight climate change.