Climate Change is causing frequent Tornadoes and it is about to get worse!


Global changes has been a hot topic amongst world leaders over the past decade. These leaders have taken the initiative to educate each and everyone about the dangers of global warming on our planet. While there are some who denounces the theory of how our world is slowly disintigrating, others have taken step to preserve our environment.

Michael Tippet, the lead author, and a mathematician at Columbia University in a phone interview with the Christian Science Monitor said, “We’re just saying that it’s not playing the role that we expected.” Dr, Tippet further explains that the two ingredients that creates tornado conditions are the convective available potential energy (CAPE), which gives rise to air, and the vertical wind shear that makes the Earth surface experienced a rise in moist air. According to the leading researcher, he predicted that climate projections will see CAPE increases as climate change progresses.

Scientists who have studied the damaging effects of this global problem have warned that in the near future as global temperatures warm, some countries will experience more tornadoes and other natural disasters. However, not much data were provided to highlight their findings.

In other data collected by the scientists, they have reported that, over the past 50 years, the United States of America alone have seen an increase in the number of tornadoes that have touched down in the country. The published results also suggested that more tornadoes are now appearing in one single weather event.

A recently concluded study have  suggested that climate change has played a role when several extreme events occured at almost the same time. The report was published on Thursday by a team of Columbia University researchers in the Journal of Science. While the publication did not outline much proof to substantiate their claim, that doesnt change the fact that the rise in tornado outbreaks does not occur from the climate changes that is now occuring globally.