Christmas Terrorist Plot for Melbourne Thwarted


The Australian authorities have announced that they have just prevented a multiple of terror attacks that were set to take place in Melbourne on Christmas Day.

Graham Ashton, the Victoria Police chief stated that following the morning raids conducted by police on Friday, five men as of now have been arrested in association with the terrorist plots.

Mr. Ashton said the terror attacks would have involved the usage of several weapons that range from knives to guns to several explosives set in place at different locations, which ultimately would have caused havoc in the city.

The Intended Locations for Terror

The violent plots as revealed now were aimed at inflicting damage and deaths in renowned areas of interest in Melbourne such as the Flinders Station, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Federation Square.

However Mr. Ashton as assured the public as of now there bares no threat or chance for these attacks to be set in motion.

The police chief mentioned that aside from this situation that has been dealt with, no other plots or threats exist.

Who Were the 5 Men?

Mr. Ashton stated that 4 out of 5 men arrested were in their mid-20’s, were Lebanese but born in Australia whilst the fifth suspect was Egyptian.

Apparently all five men had become radicalized independently and had been motivated to conduct these attacks due to the brainwashing of the terrorist group the Islamic State.

The authorities had been conducting a wide spread surveillance prior by a few weeks which is what allowed them to identify and capture these five men before Christmas.

Daniel Andrews, the Victorian Premier remarked on the motivations of these five men by saying they were not driven by their faith in anyway, but rather by simply an act of evil and nothing less. Malcom Turnbull, Australian Prime Minister also added to the matter and claims these terror attacks were planned in an attempt to divide the citizens of Australia and have them fight against one another.