Charged: One of the suspects in the Kim Kardashian robbery case


    One of five men who has been arrested in connection with the armed robbery of reality star Kim Kardashian in Paris has not been charged, according to prosecutors. Known only as Yunice A, the 63 year old has been charged with the gunpoint robbery in which the celebrity was bound and gagged in a bathroom of her apartment.

    The terrified television star was held up at gunpoint and tied up with cable toys after masked men wearing police badges broke into her room in a plush area of the city. Nine people still remain in custody over the incident in which jewellery worth a staggering £8.5m was stolen, including Ms Kardashian’s engagement ring, which was worth £3.5m. Police will have to decide whether to charge or release their other suspects. It was the largest jewellery robbery of a private citizen in France for more than 20 years.

    Because most of those arrested are aged in their fifties, sixties and seventies, the heist has been compared to the Hatton Garden robbery in Britain during 2015, which was carried out by a middle aged and elderly gang of long-time criminals. A source has already said that the people who are currently being held have begun to admit that they played a part in the robbery of Ms Kardashian.

    Social media


    While the reality star stayed off social media in the months which followed the robbery, she has now begun posting again. One line of inquiry was whether thieves had spotted her jewels in social media images and had decided to target her as a result.

    According to sources, Ms Kardashian was unhappy at what she perceived as a lack of support from her husband, the rap star, Kanye West. Following the robbery, Mr West had a nervous breakdown and is currently receiving treatment as an outpatient.