Cash Payment Support Debuted By UberEATS In Mumbai


There has been a slew of modifications in a majority of apps adding new features in a bid to provide better services and enhance customer experiences. Likewise, Uber has also intended to add one more option to its modes of making payments for its UberEATS service. Yes, now users can make cash payments for their orders. This move comes as the company wanted to make it simpler for consumers across the world to pay for their food.

The company said that now UberEATS users can now pay through paper invoices in Bombay, mentioning to soon expand the alternative to few of the other regions where UberEATS is accessible. The company believes this will assist the local businesses to expand the reach to more consumers. In Bombay, above 950 restaurants deliver food via UberEATS on a daily basis.

India continues to be one of the mainly cash-dependent countries around the globe, which was on evident from the incidence of the previous year when lives of hundreds of millions of individuals were influenced overnight when the state-run government nullified 2 high denomination bills. A vast market remains untapped by the services that support the digital payment modes only as a noteworthy fraction of the nation is yet to have a bank account.

The drive came in less than a month following the launch of support for UPI—a digital payment method supported by the government—by Uber. The ride-hailing company stated that it stays dedicated to India’s visualization for a digital economy. At present, UberEATS is accessible in 29 countries.

Head of UberEATS India, Bhavik Rathod, said, “An added payment mode not only offers users more suppleness, it also assists our restaurant associates to extend their reach while making it possible for several food lovers across the city encounter the magic of technology and food via the UberEATS application.” For the first time, cash support was added by Uber on its marquee service when it entered India.

It is not atypical for the Silicon Valley firms to utilize India as the trial site for their products and further use the knowledge elsewhere. So, now get ready to make cash payments—if you wish to—for your UberEATS orders.