British woman freed after ‘rape’ arrest


A British woman arrested in Dubai after claiming she had been raped by two men has been released.
The 25-year-old was questioned by police over allegations of having extra-marital sex, even though she said she had been raped by two British men.
She went to police to report the alleged rape last month, only to find that she was the one who was arrested.
The woman was arrested in connection with violating strict United Arab Emirate laws about having sex outside of marriage.
However, prosecutors in Dubai have now said they will not be bringing any charges against either the woman, or the two men alleged to have been involved.
Any legal action has been dropped after officials looked at video footage taken on a smartphone and decided that there was not enough evidence to press any charges.

Police statement

In a statement released by authorities in Dubai, officials confirmed that no further action would be taken.
The statement said: “The office of Dubai Public Prosecutor has closed the case involving the alleged rape of British national ZJM following careful examination of all evidence.
“The Office has decided not to proceed with legal proceedings. A video obtained from the mobile phone of one of the suspects detailing the act was a key piece of evidence that supported this conclusion.”
However, the woman’s family said they had not yet been notified that the charges had been dropped and that she was yet to get her passport back so she could go home.
A statement released by her loved ones said: “Her passport has not been released to her and she has had no update from her case for the past few days. The family are eagerly anticipating news and praying that the reports are true.”
This latest case follows a very similar incident three years ago when a woman from Norway reported that she had been raped. However, she was the one who was prosecuted for having sex outside of marriage and for drinking alcohol.
The Norwegian was convicted, but was eventually pardoned following adverse media attention from across the globe.