BMW Connected Extends Digital Bionetwork With Google Assistant


BMW Connected makes sure users’ cars to be completely linked with more number of digital touch points. And now in addition to Google Assistant, users can allows convenient and easy process of car functions, for instance, from their home with voice-supported speakers such as Google Home, or while on the move through eligible iPhones and Android handsets. Incorporation with the Google Assistant includes further width to digital network of BMW Connected, which now sports extra interaction and voice-controlled assistants to sit next to the Android smartwatches, Apple Watch, and Amazon Alexa.

All of the above takes the incorporation of BMW Connected in the digital lifestyle of the user to a different new level. BMW Connected offers users with a range of opportunities when it comes to handling contacts and appointments, vehicle functions, and route planning on the basis of their personal agenda of mobility. To this end, the car is connected (through the Open Mobility Cloud) to the digital gadgets chosen by the consumer. Users can now also take pleasure of the facilities of their BMW flawlessly incorporated into their day-to-day lives through BMW Connected at all times and very expediently from their house. And the Google Assistant here offers one more new choice.

Utilizing voice instructions, the user can verify whether the doors and windows of their BMW are locked and how much battery a BMW i3 has residual, plus ask for data about required departure times and imminent appointments relying on the situation of the traffic. These inquiries can also be carried out on voice-activated speakers through the Google Assistant such as Google Home as well as eligible iPhones and Android phones.

To set off BMW Connected, all consumers require to say is “Ok Google, ask BMW…” They can then follow with separate queries by voice command, for instance, “Send the address to my vehicle,” “When is my next appointment,” “What is my remaining range,” “When should I leave,” or “Is my vehicle locked”

These functions permit consumers to optimize planning of personal mobility at an early level and allow stress-free and comfortable arrival at their destination.