Austria Votes for Equality and Solidarity Over Far-Right Leader


Results in Austria over left-wing candidate Alexander Van Der Bellen and far-right candidate Norbert Hofer have been tallied, with Van Der Bellen triumphing.

It was deemed obvious to many that he was the inevitable choice, as Van Der Bellen may not be fitting for Austrian interests afterall.

Too Far-Right

Being on the side of anti-immigration, Van Der Bellen would have served as the first far right nominee to win since Adolf Hitler within the European Union.

He commended Van Der Bellen for his victory, and commented on the matter by saying, “I would have loved to look after Austria. I congratulate Alexander Van der Bellen to his success and ask all Austrians to stick together, we are all Austrians, no matter what we decided today. Long live our home Austria.”

A close call between them would be an understatement, after all Mr. Van Der Bellen succeeded with a final 53.5 percent whilst Mr. Hofer received 46.4 percent of the final vote.

However considering the results before Sunday, the two candidates had been sidelined together in terms of their polling marks.

Mr. Hofer’s strategy for a complete renewal in the sense of running Austria served as a little less than troubling for many, as he called for economic reforms and vowed for a more Swiss oriented style of democracy.

He spoke on a talk show to an Austrian Muslim and said “Islam has no place in Austria” as he believed it would intimidate the current Judeo-Christian values that already exists.


In reference to his actual defeat, Mr. Hofer noted on it by stating that “The bottom line is it didn’t quite work out. In this case the establishment – which pitched in once again to block, to stonewall and to prevent renewal – has won.”

The entire election served a re-run that was ordered directly by the court last May, in which Mr. Van Der Bellen secured a win by only a margin little less than one percent.