App To Assist Elderly Population In Bidhannagar


With growing number of crime incidents in the area of Bidhannagar, particularly in opposition to the elderly population, the Police Commissionerate of Bidhannagar has rolled out a new application for domestic residents to assist them in misery.

Named as “Bipad Sathi,” the app is obtainable for installing on iOS and Android platforms. It unlocks with a map and 3 alternatives in the bottom of the starting page. These three options are Track Me Live, Nearby Help, and Report a Crime. This information was given by a senior administrator of Bidhannagar Police to the media in an interview. He further added that a private organization has assisted them put to design the app.

The app, in addition to the three options, also has a button of SOS below the option of “Nearby Help”. The internal choices can be viewed once you click the option. The feature also operates by taping the volume button of headphones 3 times.

“This app has been designed considering in mind the elderly population living in the area of Bidhannagar. The app also has the ability to add phone numbers of almost 5 individuals who can be get in touch with in case of a crisis. Clicking the SOS button will transmit text messages to the contact number added within as well as the nearby police station below the limits of Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate,” the official claimed to the media.

Cops, out of any of the 10 police stations in the region, might right away send GPS-enabled cars to assist the individual in distress, he further added.

Speaking briefly on the other aspects of the app, the cop claimed, “The option of ‘Track Me Live,’ when triggered will assist the police trace the individual utilizing GPS, and if needed reach the location within 5 Minutes to 10 Minutes.”

One more feature in the app is the “Report a Crime” that might assist one to record and upload a crime on to the app and pass on it to the cops for essential action, the administrator further added.

It might also assist in seeking help from fire stations as well.