Apollo Group To Soon Introduce Proton Therapy For Cancer Treatment In India


Apollo Group To Soon Introduce Proton Therapy For Cancer Treatment In IndiaThere has been a significant advancement in health care industry and services. Development and implementation of high-end technology devices and equipment have made the life of the health care professionals easy in terms of diagnosis, therapeutic, and surgical procedures.

Moving towards the adoption of the latest equipment with high efficiency, Apollo Group is in plans to bring proton beam therapy for treating cancer. It will be the first of its kind such unit that will be launched in India by 2018. The cost of the set is about Rs 1,200 Crore. Post establishment, India will be among the few nations that will offer such kind of advanced cancer care treatment.

Prathap Reddy, founder chairman of Apollo Group said, “About four years back, I wanted to install the proton therapy which is an ultimate treatment for cancer. All the board members of the organization including my daughters, opposed it, saying that how can you invest Rs 1,000 Crore on a single machine. The similar resistance was made for the CT Scan when I purchased it for the first time. As a result, it turned out to be beneficial for patients.

He also stated that it has been delayed my by two years;, it was supposed to set up a lot earlier. The reason behind the delay is that the central government wanted to ensure that the equipment is safe for the treatment. The government made various abroad trips to verify the equipment. The government bodies got convinced after they were told that the machine is also assembled in Paris near a Montessori school.

Reddy also said that the machine is already in-house and the installation of the equipment is in progress. It is projected to get ready in coming 12–13 months. There is also a newly developed proton machine that can function in a single room with low cost. Several countries are looking forward to install these machines.

On the global basis, the U.S. and Europe have 28 proton machines working at the current stage. The United States is adding nearly one machine per quarter as well as the China has two proton machines functioning.

As per the report, every year approximately 6 Lakh people lose their life due to cancer and majority of the people are amid 30 and 70 years. At present stage, proton therapy is utilized to treat multiple types of cancer and suits well in the case when treatment choices are limited and radiotherapy causes hazards to the patient. About 80,000 patients are treated through the proton therapy globally, so far.