Angela Merkel Calls for Burqa Ban in Germany


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has declared that a prohibition for the burqa and full faced veils in general must be banned from Germany.

She is currently running for her fourth term in office, and spoke to the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and during her address to them she said “The full-face veil is not acceptable in our country.”

Cultural Integration

This quote was received with much admiration and ovation. German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, in reference to this matter stated that “It should be banned, wherever it is legally possible,” and remarked on the matter of the veil describing it as being “contrary to integration.”

Criticism surfaced up immediately from co-chairman of Germany’s Association for Muslim women, Gabriele Boos-Niazy who stated that “Judges in Germany are already able to order someone to take off their veil if they feel it necessary.”

Boos-Niazy added to the matter with “Of the few women who wear the niqab in Germany, many avoid public transport for fear of discrimination and use cars instead. The assumption that a ban on the full facial veil in road traffic would help to liberate women is therefore highly questionable.”

Mr. Maiziere mentions however that in the case for specific environments in which synchronicity is most occurring and important, such as schools, courtrooms, protests of some sort, and offices, the burqa should be lifted.

History of Banning the Burqa

France initiated their ban of the burqa back in 2011, and several European countries followed through, including the Netherlands just recently, Belgium, Bulgaria, and in some specific locations in Switzerland as well.

Ms. Merkel has been criticized by many for her open and liberating decisions in allowing approximately one million refugees in entering Germany amidst the calamity of refugees fleeing their countries.

Amongst her criticizers as well for this matter though was General Secretary of Germany’s Islamic Council, Burhan Kesici, saying “The government should carefully study similar moves in France, and ask themselves if one side-effect of such a ban is that it can actually lead to women feeling more excluded from society.”

Boos-Niazy also claims that little over a hundred or so only in Germany actually wear the burqa, adding that those who did reveal more of their facial appearances were tourists.