cBMW Double Its Production Of Plug Ins, Battery Empowered Cars

Automaker BMW announced that it is increasing the number of its electric cars under production and will soon have 25 new models in car showrooms by 2023. This is two years in advance to BMW’s original idea that reflects industry push to have vehicles with new technology like battery-electric cars, plug in hybrid vehicles and conventional hybrids. BMW says that it can double the existing sales of its battery-based cars by 2021 and sales are expected to grow by 30 % on an annual basis. Though it was one of the earliest pioneers of battery powered cars BMW fell behind other rivals but now it is making up for lost time with new model called M Next plug-in vehicle and also a full battery-electric vehicle called iNext. Senior VP of BMW’s Group Design Adrian said that BMW’s key program is to create products that retain its high performance levels.

He affirmed that BMW Vision M Next also gives a glimpse into future of sports driving. The car will demonstrate latest technology and will also make driving a purer exercise. BMW launched its first complete electric model the i3 car along with its i8 plug in hybrid sports model in 2013. Though it has upgraded both models it did not add new ones to its battery cars portfolio till recently.

Both have autonomous technology and allow users to shift to hands free mode to ignore hassles of dealing with traffic. The concept version of M Next has 600 horsepower that allows the car to hit 62 miles per hour within seconds and also has a “Boost” button to increase performance when required. Officials in several European cities like London are exploring measures to ban vehicles from city centers if they don’t operate in zero-emission mode so the M Next can abruptly switch to battery when it enters those areas.

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