Apple Claims It Is Not Micromanaging Shows For Its Streaming Platform

Apple is refusing statements that it is fussing over the content in series for its forthcoming TV+ platform. In a statement with media, Eddy Cue (senior VP) declined media speculations that Tim Cook and he were leaving notes on scripts and otherwise interfering with the TV+ shows’ production. There has “never been a single note” passed along, he claimed, mentioning that the executives “leave the people on their own” who know what they are doing.

Cue also refused claims that the firm was shying away from mature shows. He underlined that The Morning Show (the Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston project) had language, problems, and other factors that were “absolutely not appropriate” to see with a kid.

The claims recommend that Apple is not micromanaging shows once they were in progress, even though that is not unavoidably the issue. For some, the problem is the selection of the series themselves. The firm supposedly declined plans for a Dr. Dre show over violent and sexual content, amongst other potential edgy shows. You may get actually mature shows on Apple TV+, but there is a concern you may also miss out on the limit-pushing content that you see at Netflix and Amazon.

On a related note, Apple earlier hinted that its TV+ platform will aim more on a few top-tier series as compared to a Netflix-akin deluge, but now that is significantly more explicit. Cue claimed to the media earlier in a statement that Apple “will not produce the most” shows, and is rather interested in making the “best.” He did not think Netflix’s stress on quantity was bad, but it was “not our structure.”

Rather, you can hope for a steady feed of new content. Apple is aiming to roll out new shows and movies each month, with the first expected to be The Morning Show.

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