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Niantic Takes Legal Actions Against Group Of Suspected Pokémon Go Cheaters

It is not just multi-platform gaming behemoths taking legal action against cheaters. Niantic has taken legal action against members of Global++ for supposedly providing “unauthorized derivative” editions of Ingress, Pokémon Go, and even the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The altered mobile applications not only breach intellectual property rights, Niantic claimed, but “weaken the gaming experience’s integrity” by assisting users cheat. This hurts user enthusiasm for the titles and hence can “interfere” with business of the firm.

Some of the Global++ associates are named, comprising Alen Hundur (the YouTube promoter) and Ryan Hunt (the reported leader). There are also 20 unidentified members who have not been verified so far.

Global++ had not answered directly the accusations, but it answered to the court case by taking down its Discord servers and website. It claimed that it was closing down “indefinitely” so as to admire its “lawful obligations.”

As with other court cases against cheaters, some features of Niantic’s court case can seem controversial. While Global++ obviously did not have approval to modify Niantic’s applications, some have doubted whether game studios are really losing income owing to cheaters. That is specifically true in games such as Pokémon Go, which are not aimed on stressed real-time contest. There’s little hesitation that cheaters can sour the experience, although, and the firm might feel that a court case can deter other possible cheat players.

On a related note, Niantic is offering Harry Potter admirers in New Zealand and Australia the opportunity to be amongst the first to wave their AR wands and conquer rogue magical stuffs. The beta edition of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is now live in those two nations on the Google Play and Apple App Store. Since it is just a trial run, the firm claims the available languages, features, game’s overall appearance, and design are not final.

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