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Dark Mode Websites: Owner’s Pride And Neighbor’s Envy!

Dark mode websites are gaining popularity and it has caught the attention of browsers and they are making changes in their systems to support them. While Apple has built a dark mode support within its Safari browser for MacOS, Mozilla has done the same with Firefox. The latest to join the bandwagon are Google Chrome, Microsoft’s recently overhauled Edge and Apple’s Safari on both iPads and iPhones. Dark mode in which white text is presented against black background is the latest fad in which is not likely to fade as it is not cosmetic. Browser support for these websites is being provided to ensure that prominent names are not left behind in the dark-mode movement.

But adding support of dark mode to all computing foundations can become complicated as operating systems like Mac OS and Windows offer high level option of dark mode. White websites feel offensive to the eyes if the system’s operating system has already dimmed the taskbar and dock following which browser interface has little black title bars and black tabs. To fix these problem web developers can add the control of “prefers color scheme” to their code which will allow compatible browsers to pull detailed instructions for text, background and linked text.

Growing support for the dark mode is visible in following changes

@ Mac OS Safari was given dark mode capability in March this year.

@ Firefox introduced dark mode support in May

@ Chrome released beta version of dark mode support for its Chrome last week and everyone can get it in about six to eight weeks.

@ Microsoft Edge supports dark mode in test versions of its browser that is moving to Google’s Chromium foundation.

@ Brave allows users to set browser to show website is either dark or light mode or to follow setting of operating system.

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