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YouTube CEO Renders Apology To LGBTQ Community; No Change On Existing Policies

Video streaming website, YouTube has decided not to remove videos on its site that have content about homophobic harassment and racist comments. Though CEO Susan Wojcicki made a public apology to LGBTQ community at the Recode’s Code Conference being held in Arizona, on behalf of the firm and stated that YouTube had no intention of hurting anyone. This was after Steven Crowder a prominent right winger posted homophobic and racist videos about content posted by Vox Video journalist Carlos Maza and he brought it to the notice of YouTube. She insisted that those videos cannot be removed as they do not violate company policy.

A day later however YouTube stated that the videos of Crowder were being demonetized or in other words he could not make money through advertisements on his channel as his continuous actions have harmed the LGBTQ community which it supports. This stance of YouTube was puzzling for the community as till recently it has been a strong supporter of gay rights and was also part of LGBTQ Pride Month. Surprisingly it was the same month when the video sharing site stated that it will introduce a new policy to ban right wingers like white supremacists and people that deny existence of atrocities like Holocaust.

She agreed that the company’s decision to let the videos posted by Steven Crowder and flagged by Maza be there as it wants to maintain consistent policy on content. On being asked if the company was genuinely sorry what had been told to the community or was it just apologetic about the fact that the LGBTQ community was offended about the incident. She emphasized that the firm was genuinely sorry and wanted to support the community but policy wise they have to remain consistent. After the incident the firm has made new change in its hate policy which will be beneficial to the LGBTQ community.

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