Boeing Grounding Causes More Fights To Be Cancelled In The US

American Airlines recently announced that it will not use 24 of its Max 737 Boeing jets for next few months and as a result it will cancel around 115 flights on a daily basis till 3rd September due to the grounding. Since the planes of Boeing were grounded after March following the crash, American Airlines had to cancel several flights till August 19th. American Airlines has cancelled the most extensive number of domestic flights among other local airline companies as Southwest which owns 34 of Boeing 737 Max and United Airlines cancelled few flights only till 5th August.

Not all local flight operators are making outright cancellations of their 737 flights and some of them are shifting them to other aircrafts. American Airlines has said that its schedules are being adjusted in such a manner that passenger are not affected by flight grounding and while some of them are being shifted to other aircrafts, others are allowed to rebook at no extra cost or take a full refund. The 115 flights and 24 planes affected are just 2 % of the total operations of American Airlines which is the world’s biggest airline company.

It operates around 6800 flights every day during busy summer tourist season which also includes feeder airlines in regional heartland. Its mainline flights are managed by a fleet of around 900 aircrafts. Late summer is the airlines’ busiest periods as families move back home after the holidays so these lost flights are likely to hurt the company’s bottom-line. Boeing is trying its best to compensate airline firms that are hit by the grounding and get the planes ready to fly gain by fixing a software which will address the safety issue that caused the twin fatal crashes. The airline company too expressed satisfaction at the speed with which Boeing is working on getting the software update ready along with training elements.

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