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Pogo Sticks: Possible Alternate Transportation Mode Of The Future

It was on May 18 that Cangoroo, a pogo stick rental company based in Sweden assured that the company exists in reality. The company said this during a press release that they have been receiving all sorts of questions including whether or not they are real. The answer to that is, yes. Their first product is the pogo stick which was made after a planned out strategy so that they could become unique in the current media landscape. They also wanted to develop a different brand amidst generic last mile transportation kind.

People living in cities have been vastly using rental scooters, bicycles, mopeds and Vespas of the micro-mobility boom. There are a range of short trip start ups based on smartphones like Skip, Flash, Bird or Lime etc. They have all been trying harder to make a place in this new category along with venture capital funding pushing their own boundaries to grow larger.

CEO of Cangoroo, Adam Mikkelson is known to perform branded media stunts which would gain his company wide media coverage through his company, The ODD Company which is an ad agency. He revealed that he thought of creating Cangoroo because of capitalizing the hype which was ongoing in his town, Malmo as well. If Pogo stick performs as planned, the company would become a large hit. The idea itself has gained vast coverage from range of publications like Yahoo Finance, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times etc.

The coverage also got reflected in social media and people are still in some kind of disbelief. A startup founder from Spain, Leandro Thomas was taken aback with the idea. He said whether real or not, the concept itself was fabulous. Mikkelson remarked that he wants to build his company into a brand which would include concepts not only about easy transportation but also about sustainability, fun, and healthy activity. He also said that the next project of the company might be a scooter powered by humans.

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