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Amazon Alexa; Effective Tool For A Flexi And Quick Workout

Alexa or Amazon Echo can be used to get a haste workout anywhere you need. You are not required to download apps or switch on TVs for that. There is already variety of stored workout skills from squats to Tabata interval training or cardio etc. You will have to learn the command and Amazon would soon install all the skills and get ready with the guidance for exercise.

When Alexa was asked to start a 7 minutes workout, automatically a skill of a certain company named Pargee was installed which then guided for the quick workout. There are 45 exercises in that and one can choose from something easy to rigorous. Alexa would also make sure to ask whether you are ready to move ahead to the next exercise. And while working out, Alexa would also play upbeat music if you like.

There is also option for 5 minute workout where an app is immediately installed from the developer Stoked Skills. In this, instead of Alexa’s voice, there is a real person guiding you through the work out, which for some might be more appealing. In this, one can begin with jumping jacks and then move on to various other exercises like leg raises or crunches. It also guides properly in the forms where you are asked to keep the shoulders off ground while doing crunches. Alexa also helps you out if you want to try 55 minutes pushup, which works for core and arms.

In order to try out other skills or commands that Alexa can perform for you, try them out on your own device. Open the Alexa app on the phone. Choose the menu button on top left corner. Select the option named “Skills & Games”. Search for “Exercise”. Find any skill of your choice and begin with a phrase to start the command.

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