Apple Discloses Breakthroughs In Product Features And Software At Its Yearly WWDC

Recently, Apple had its yearly World Wide Developers Conference in California. The tech giant declared latest designs and features in operating system which would run on iPhones, Macs, iPads, Apple TVs, Apple watches and their extremely expensive new computer. Apple has also announced that they would be substituting their once most innovative video and audio app, iTunes. After 18 long years the single app would be substituted by three different apps that iOS users are already familiar with – Apple TV, Apple Music and Apple Podcasts. However, the iTunes store app would still be there in iOS as well as Macs.

Craig Federighi from Apple joked about the dislike of customers regarding iTunes and said that customers loved iTunes and all it was able to do. The latest iOS 13 updates in iPads, iPhones and iPods’ touch would have a dark mode option which would be optional. Federighi said that dark modes have lighter colored texts on a comparatively dark background. It would soothe the eyes in dimly-lit surroundings. Several apps have their own dark modes and there is system-wide dark mode in Macs.

The built in apps of iOS would also get a new update. There would be a whole range of fonts and formatting options in Mail, Notes would have a grand new appearance, Reminders would also have list of new features which include tagging people and make innovative list of to-dos. In fact, Apple Maps have struggled a lot to excel like Google Maps since it was released in 2012. Finally, it would also get a new and detailed look towards the end of 2019 in US. Apple mentioned that the app was newly built by sending hundreds of cars and planes fixed with lidar and custom sensors across 4 million miles through US. There would also be additional features like Google Maps – favorite locations and “look around” which are basically interactive street views.

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