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ZF Takeovers A company Specialist In Software For Passenger Recognition

The German Tier 1, ZF intends to develop its new product offering and has declared that it will obtain 90% of the shares in Simi Reality Motion Systems (SRMS). The company and its 35 employees have decades of experience with 3D-based imaging systems for recording and analyzing human motion. The ZF says that this knowledge is very valuable in the development of passenger recognition systems, which will become a key factor for integrated safety in autonomous mobility.

The German major says that the advancement of new interior notion for autonomous driving comprise the perspective for new seats, as the driver can deliver the responsibility for partially or fully driving to vehicle. It tells to relax during the journey, for example in future vehicles the occupant could move his seat or tilt the seat further compared to current vehicle configurations. For passenger protection in these unconventional places, vehicle systems must be aware of the size, location, and position of the passenger.

Head of ZF Integrated Safety, Norber Kagerer said, “A key to occupant safety of tomorrow is highly efficient occupant recognition systems. This is the exact area where we want to be competent via our investment in Simi Reality Motion Systems to offer integrated security systems from a single source.”

ZF says that the investment in SRMS will expand its existing competence in the area of occupant restraint systems, such as steering wheels, seat belts, and airbags. Together with sensor systems for environmental and interior recognition and the associated software, ZF wants to be the most comprehensive supplier in the market for automotive safety technology.

Founder and CEO, Simi Reality Motion Systems, Andreas Rub said: “In recent decades we have become a first-class 3D-based software supplier for human behavior and motion analysis. Our current experience is based on the familiarity we have gained in areas such as medicine and high-performance sport. With this ZF investment, we can now contribute more efficiently to this information in the automotive industry and gain much faster from growth opportunities. “

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