Seniors’ Health Is Advancing, But Rates Of Anxiety And Depression Rising

Manitoba—a Canadian province—seniors are remaining physically healthy for a long time, but their mental health might be worsening, a huge study of health data by the MCHP (Manitoba Centre for Health Policy) at the University of Manitoba has stated. The research of over 200,000 Manitoba seniors correlated two periods of 5 Years: 2005–2010 and 2010–2015. It discovered that seniors are living longer, encountering fewer strokes or heart attacks, and staying for long span in the community, in a retirement residence or private home, not in an institution like a personal care home.

Dr. Dan Chateau—Study’s Lead Author and Assistant Professor at the Max Rady College of Medicine—said, “On average—at age 65 Years—men can anticipate living outside an association till age 82 Years, and women till age 85.” Nevertheless, about one-third of seniors during the research were diagnosed with an anxiety or mood disorder—counting depression—during the 10-Year span, and the rate increased. Chateau noted, “The occurrence of anxiety and mood disorders surged significantly, excluding the Northern Health Region, where it was considerably lower than the rest of Manitoba. It might be that the pace is not truly surging, and what is changing is that with fewer stigmas adjoining mental health, more seniors are looking for help.”

Recently, the University of Manitoba was in news for its study that showed cheese might help in controlling the blood sugar. Cheese is a rich source of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, vitamins B2, A, and B12, not to cite being a complete protein. Conversely, cheese is also a noteworthy source of sodium and saturated fat in the diet. To reduce saturated fat consumption, eating reduced-fat cheese is occasionally recommended to reduce cardiovascular disease risk. Strangely enough, however, there is now an increasing body of clues that individuals who consume lots of cheese do not have greater jeopardy of cardiovascular diseases, counting type II diabetes.

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