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Top Executive Leaves Joint Health Venture Of Amazon, JP Morgan, Berkshire Hathaway

Jack Stoddard has left his new role of Chief Operating Officer at Haven for personal reasons. He has served in office for only nine months. Haven is the joint health venture of Amazon, JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway.

Stoddard was recently the general manager at Comcast for digital health. He told to CNBC that his reason for leaving Haven is purely personal and also mentioned about his to and fro travel time from Philadelphia to Boston where Haven’s headquarters lies. It took him about five hours of car and 90 minutes of air travel to reach his workplace. He was hired into his position in 2018 after Atul Gawande who was a famous surgeon and author. Haven’s spokesperson said that they were thankful for Stoddard’s contribution and said that he played a major role in Haven’s early stages. The loss of such an important executive at the early stages would be a great problem for Haven which had an aim of cutting down on health-care costs with almost 1.2 million people employed in all three companies combined together. The other main executives are Serkan Kutan who is the Chief Technology Officer and Dana Gelb Safran who was hired from Blue Cross Blue Shield for running analytics projects.

Stoddard was previously working with a health-technology start-up named Accolade and at Comcast, which is CNBC’s parent firm. Haven has been facing some problems after its start. David Smith who was its former executive was sued by United Health Group for stealing their trade secrets and sharing it with Haven. Stoddard had indicated that Haven wanted to make health care easily understandable, to provide better outcomes for its employees and make it less expensive. There are other areas where Haven wants to lay their focus on like improving the way of navigating complex health-care field and help n providing access to affordable prescription drugs and treatments.

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