80 Football Coaches Questioned for Sexual Abuse Case


About 80 different football coaches from over 98 football clubs in Britain are currently being asked to comply in an ongoing investigation over sexual abuse towards youngsters.

The National Police Chief’s Council have announced that over 639 cases have been reported to them as of now.

Abuse Throughout the Sport

The age range of abuse towards the youngsters have been reported from the age of seven all the way till 20 years. About 98% of all the abused victims are males, and reports say that these coaches have been indicted publicly for sexual abuse.

Since the list of reported abuse is much larger and growing, the authorities state the investigation will need more time and to respond to each individual.

The police have urged anyone who has undergone sexual abuse themselves to come forward and will be listened to, irrespective of how long it may have occurred. The attempt is to approach the manner from happening today and taking all necessary precautions to ensure a pattern doesn’t repeat.


The Metropolitan Police have claimed they are going forward with the investigation with their special officers whose very objective is in assessing child abuse, exploitation and sexual abuse of any sort.

However, they have not publicly stated which clubs exactly they will be examining closely. Allegations of sexual abuse towards children have skyrocketed ever since former Chelsea player Gary Johnson came forward with his own disclosed past, when he was abused hundreds of times by Eddie Heath.

A spokesman for the NSPCC remarked about this matter by saying that “’These shocking numbers now identified by police reveal the deeply disturbing extent of abuse that has been going on within football.”

It appears that a man has notified the law firm that he was sexually abused in the Southampton youth team as well, during a match that took place in Sweden, and according to his lawyers, it has resulted in mental illnesses that continue to take hold of him.