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Apple To Take A More Profound Look At Disputed Borders In Maps

Apple may just think again on its method for contested borders after its alterations to Crimea for Russian consumers. A spokesperson claimed to the media in an interview that Apple can have a “more profound look” at how it manages disputed borders in Maps at the back of the controversy, and that there may be more alterations in consequence of the review. You should not hope for it to overturn its Crimea alterations, on the other hand. The firm emphasized that it was only tagging Crimea as Russian to go along with that nation’s law, and that the territory might still be represented as Ukranian for everybody else.

“We review global law as well as pertinent domestic and US laws before making a determination in tagging on our Maps and make alterations if needed by law,” the spokesperson claimed to the media in an interview.

There is no doubt that Apple had dealt with the Russian demand. It invested several months negotiating with Russia in expectations of discovering a middle ground where Crimea might be tagged as an indeterminate region. Nevertheless, its concession has attracted criticism from the government of Ukraine and others who think that no one must recognize annexation by Russia for Crimea irrespective of pressure.

As with the move to remove a protest app by Hong Kong, Apple is in a hard situation. While it has characteristically opposed authoritarian decisions such as this, it also endangers losing access to primary markets if it declines to give in. And leaving an oppressive nation is not essentially going to result in better freedom. There is no simple choice, and the review by Apple of its strategy may be essential to walking that fine line in the years to come.

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