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Apple Provides 3-Month News+ Trials For Users In US And Canada

Apple Music has long had free trials for three months, but what if you wish to offer News+ a same dry run? It is now possible—but only if you act swiftly. Apple is providing a 3-month test period to News+ to Canadian and American consumers who enroll through weekend. That is much longer as compared to the normal one month, and might offer you a significantly better feel for what it is like to read newspapers and magazines on your Apple machines.

As always, you will need to watch out for when your trial period concludes. Apple will renew your News+ offering automatically for monthly $10 ($13 CAD) if you have not terminated before your trial period is over.

It is not sure when or if Apple may offer a promo such as this again. On the other hand, there have been speculations that News+ got off to a steady beginning. Campaigns such as this may assist fence-sitters who have been prying and needed more time to sample wares by Apple. And if nothing else, you will have abundance of reading material for the rest of your winter.

On a related note, earlier News Corp claimed that it wants to offer users an option to Apple News and Google News. The media firm, which controls HarperCollins and Dow Jones Newswires, is brainstorming on its own news aggregation platform, claimed the media. The service will be dubbed as, and take the format of both a mobile app and a traditional website. It will draw from a series of national outlets such as NBC News and The New York Times, as well as more follower news sites such as ThinkProgress and The Daily Caller. The service will offer equal weight to non-subscription news sites and subscription news sites.

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