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UPS drone makes first home prescription deliveries for CVS Health Corp

United Parcel Service Flight Forward drones have flown and delivered prescription medicines to a private home and another successful trip were made to the retirement community. This was UPS’s first revenue-generating deliveries as the prior to these drones were only used for testing. The delivery was made for drugstore chain CVS Health Corp.

UPS Flight Forward is a subsidiary of UPS.UPS Flight Forward had partnered with CVS Health Corp for transferring medicines directly to the customer’s homes.  Both these flights took place on 1st November. The M2 drone was used for this purpose which has been developed by Matternet a drone developing company. The fight initiated from a CVS pharmacy store in Cary, North Carolina, and flew straight to the homes of the two CVS customers.

The drones flew autonomously but were controlled by a remote-controlled operator and could intervene if necessary. The drones flew at an average height of 20 feet from the ground. When it was time to hand over the deliveries to the customers the packages were lowered using a cable and winch.

Now CVS Health Corp and UPS Flight Forward are planning for a strategy to develop such drones and bring up a supply chain system using these autonomous drones. One of the major advantages of these drones is that they can fly and deliver quickly as opposed to delivery by the use of vehicles; it is entirely a pollution-free means of transport and is highly cost-effective. In September the US Federal Aviation Administration approved UPS Flight Forward drones to operate these drones after lots of certifications and tests.

Although this industry is still in its nascent stage there are huge opportunities as well.  Regulators still do not have framed laws and regulations for these unmanned winged vehicles but they are expected to come out in 2021.

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