Facebook Allows You Remove Those Annoying Red Notification Dots

The red notification dots by Facebook might feel like they are present more to keep you attached as compared to keep you up to date, but there is now a proper method to cope with them. The social media firm has verified that it is launching out a Shortcut Bar Settings function on iOS (coming in the weeks ahead to Android) that offers you to control what you watch at its mobile app’s bottom.

Long press on any of the options in the bar and you can eliminate a section or just mute its notifications. If Marketplace keeps tempting you to look at products you do not wish, you can mute those notifications eternally. You can also control the bar to tailor it as per your liking.

A spokesperson was not shy about the reasoning for the new choices, informing media in an interview, “We are launching out controls on navigation bar to make it simpler for users to link with the things they love and manage the alerts they get inside the Facebook application.” This is about offering you more pertinent functions as well as a chance to lower the number of alerts you receive.

Similar to the test that conceals “Likes” on Instagram, this is a recognition that specific app behaviors can be damaging to your digital health. There might also be a realistic side: you may be less possible of employing Facebook if you feel like it is constantly disturbing you. This does not deal with other problems, such as the tendency of Facebook to bomb you with out-of-app alerts, but it is a start.

On a related note, Facebook earlier rolled out a new resource center to assist serving members and veterans of the military enhance their digital knowledge and find new opportunities regarding employment. As fraction of the venture, Facebook will be rolling out a yearly career development initiative aimed on VR and AR engineering.

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