WhatsApp Offers You More Methods To Prevent Annoying Group Messages

WhatsApp is offering you more method to ban users from including you to group conversations. Its upgraded privacy settings restore the initial “nobody” alternative with a “my contacts except” alternative that allows you avoid specific users (or all of them, if you select) from adding you in a group. Your family and close friends can include you to a conversation, for instance, but a co-employee cannot add you into a sports chat without your approval.

Like before, a chat admin who does not have approval can still send an invitation (private) via a separate chat. The request will vanish after 3 Days, so you can overlook it if you would rather not answer.

The feature might go live this week on iOS and Android. This is an acknowledgment that unnecessary group invitations are still a problem, certainly, but it is also fraction of a current attempt to deal with false news. There might be fewer chances for people to distribute misinformation, at least to users who were not already open to it.

On a related note, in some regions of the globe, small businesses do not only employ messaging apps and social media to market their goods—they sell their products via them. Now, WhatsApp is making it simpler for customers of those businesses to purchase their goods. It has rolled out lists for its Business app, and people who do not have an official website can employ the feature to develop a mobile storefront that displays their products. In different words, it now has some kind of in-app shopping platform that allows users purchase goods without having to go to a site.

Businesses selling via mobile apps most of the times have to send possible users their product photos and price lists repeatedly. The new feature lets them to develop a list of goods with prices, photos, and descriptions.

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