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Apple Promises $2.5 Billion To Deal With California’s Housing Issue

Apple is joining Google, Facebook, and Microsoft in acknowledging that tech firms are adding to housing issues. It is promising a sum of $2.5 Billion toward more accessible (and essentially, more available) housing in California. Most of this will go squarely toward reducing prices. It is rolling out a $1 Billion reasonably-priced housing investment fund, and an additional $1 Billion fund for first-time home purchaser finance assistance. The firm is also locking $300 Million to make some of its land in San Jose accessible for reasonably priced housing, making a $150 Million fund for housing in San Francisco Bay Area and contributing $50 Million to Destination: Home to boost “systemic alteration” that lowers homelessness all over Silicon Valley.

The pledged money might see complete employment within the coming 2 Years. Apple has committed to invest any leftover money back into other initiatives over the coming 5 Years.

Cook distinguished the plan as detection of its “profound civic accountability” to its homeland, and noted that less-cost housing indicated “dignity and stability, pride, and opportunity.” The present method was “indefensible,” the executive claimed.

Obviously, there are practical reasons for the investment too. The more individuals leave the region to avoid its increasing housing prices (almost 30,000 individuals left San Francisco just from April to June), the fewer employees Apple has. Those costs also force Apple to elevate salaries and otherwise invest on bonuses to keep individuals from leaving.

On a related note, the pitch for Apple TV+ is very easy: Pay the firm monthly $5, and you will get access to original movies and shows you will not find anywhere else. It is not an old play with a big library of movies such as Disney+, or a development of a current premium network such as HBO Max. Apple TV+ is essentially only exclusive content with the power of major creatives and celebrities, such as Steven Spielberg and Oprah.

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