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Bezos announces dream team for NASA’s moon mission

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Blue Origin disclosed of a national group on October 22nd. This team, as decided by the company would be the one to be sent to moon as a part of Artemis program of NASA. Besides this, there are three more veteran aerospace firms included in the project. Other than Blue Origin, companies that are also in the project of building crewed lunar Lander for NASA’s Artemis project to land astronauts on lunar surface by 2024 include Lockheed Martin, Draper and Northrop Grumman. Bezos informed the audience at 70th International Astronautical Congress that their partners are the best. They would make the best national team since this project has huge national significance attached.

NASA has also started preparing seriously for the project and has called for proposals. This has opened opportunities for innovative commercial moon landing ideas. Bezos also said that Blue Origin is supposed to be the chief of lunar lander group. They would give the Descent Element and are in-charge of taking the crew to lunar surface. During the descent stage, Blue Origin’s latest BE-7 engine and a particular design from robotic Blue Moon lander would be required, both of which the company has launched in 2019.

Lockheed Martin has the responsibility of developing Ascent Element that is reusable. It would serve as the house for astronauts and also send them back to moon’s orbit after the completion of their work. Northrop Grumman has the task of giving Transfer Element for lunar lander. It would then be brought very close to the moon and dissociate, making way for the final descent. This company, Bezos said, had built lunar module for NASA’s Apollo project. Draper would be handling the guidelines and navigation regulations which the lander would use to get to moon. Draper, like Northrop Grumman, has also been a part of Apollo program of NASA offering the exact service now.

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