SpaceX internet constellation offering services, says Musk

Elon Musk already said that the latest internet-satellite constellation of SpaceX has already begun offering boutique service. Late night on October 21, 2019 billionaire founder and CEO of SpaceX informed through Twitter that he had been trying to post something through Starlink. Starlink is the orbiting network which Starlink have started to assemble in during the course of 2019. His post appeared on Twitter after 2 minutes of constant attempt and he posted “Whoa, it worked!!” This is no doubt big news for him since Starlink is part of his high profile future project. SpaceX has already received approval for launching 12,000 satellites of Starlink. Now, they are trying to get permission for launch more 30,000 satellites.

SpaceX has been able to launch only 60 satellites till now and those were sent to the orbit during May via Falcon 9 rocket. It would require any launches before Starlink can finally send back data to the researchers. Musk had already informed in the first half of this year that at least 400 Starlink satellites would be able to provide minimum coverage. For standard coverage, 800 satellites would be needed. However, SpaceX is not the sole firm working on internet satellite ideas. OneWeb has already launched their first 6 satellites during early 2019 from their plan of 650 satellite constellation. Amazon has plans of launching above 3000 satellites.

As these satellites are sent, it would bring a huge change to the initial population of bodies orbiting the Earth. Currently, not more than 2000 bodies are revolving the Earth’s orbit. Other than that, only 9000 more satellites have been launched till date since the space age began in 1957. Few astronomers have raised serious objection that these huge number of satellites would create hindrance to their view of cosmic objects. Space stakeholders on the other hand have said that they should start thinking on how to reduce the huge space junk that these mega constellations would make.

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