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Spotify rewards premium subscribers with Google’s Home Mini

Music app Spotify is awarding subscribers of its “Premium Services” with a free gift which is a Google Home Mini. Both new and present subscribers of Spotify Premium can claim for the smart speakers by visiting the app’s website while supplies last till November 15th this year. The music app ran a similar promotion in the past but the product was restricted to Spotify’s Premium Family plan account holders. Spotify’s VP of Premium Partnerships Marc Hazan told in a statement that at the core of their premium plan is the intention to help subscribers enjoy their music at any time they desire.

As their previous offer of Google Home Mini to premium subscribers received an overwhelming response last year they were excited to extend this partnership with Google by expanding the offer this year to both Family premium and Individual premium plans. Members that had availed of the Home Mini speakers offer last year will not be eligible this time and also people that have discount accounts for students and those using free trials. People that qualify for the free Google Mini this year will also receive a 50 percent discount to purchase the speaker Nest Mini. Google is giving away the speakers aggressively to gain market share over closest rival Amazon Alexa.

Getting the hardware powered by Google into new homes is a good business move for both companies. This is because now the services of Google will be widely used through its assistant and integration with Spotify built into the smart speaker. This would enable users easy access to Spotify’s streaming music service. Recently Google announced the launch of its new and improved product Google Nest Mini which is not part of this promotional project. This is also a good way for Google to clear out its existing inventory and stock up on new hardware.

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