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Maintenance Lag at PG&E Brings Fire and Blackouts in California

PG&E which is known to neglect maintenance of equipment, is the cause for the Kincade Fire too, say early reports. Last week it was the Tick Fire at the Santa Clarity Valley, last year it was the Camp Fire, and now it is the Kincade Fire say, experts.

It was almost a dry hurricane that hit Northern California. The wind was blowing at 100 miles an hour on Sunday, which brought the fires back again.  The Kincade Fire got out of hand at the mountain top with the fast-moving wind.

PG&E has been facing massive liabilities from the fires, almost bringing it to bankruptcy and Northern California is hit by large power shut-offs. The company has to bring in higher rates to upgrade its system. It is expected that service from the power grid will worsen in the days to come, as there is fear of fire from the power lines. It may last for almost a decade, fear experts.

Maintenance work like trimming trees around the tower and removing dead trees have not been done. Currently, regulators and lawmakers do not have a proper solution to the power supply in North California.

America is facing various problems in its infrastructure. Some of the routine maintenance work and upgrades have not been done on its roads, dams, bridges and electrical systems, bringing in a lot of problems.

Quinn Norton, the tech journalist calls the problems from software development as technical debt. He says that this technical debt will keep multiplying if it is not addressed in its initial stage. It is just like any other debt, says Norton. Technical debt can accumulate and distort true cost decisions.

Stock prices of PG&E have slid almost 40 percent this week. The weakening infrastructure is the cause of fire at various prices. Stock prices are expected to plummet even further, as liabilities are accumulating.

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