The Recent Discoveries About New Interstellar Visitor Are Raising Curiosity

The space object firstly detected by Gennady Borisov— amateur astronomer, Crimea—in August is named as 2I/Borisov and s known as the second interstellar visitant of our solar system after Oumuamua—the first interstellar object discovered by Robert Weryk—in October, 2017.

2I/Borisov has showed its cometary characteristics as if it is one of those comets formed in our neighborhood cosmos, which emphasizes the fact that there must exist some planetary systems which resembles our solar system. According to the details provided by astronomers on Monday, this second interstellar object rushing towards the Sun is actual a comet. The interstellar object is having about six-tenths of mile long radius and has a solid nucleus. It has cloud-like body structure and it emits gas and dust from the nucleus. This reddish colored object is accompanied with comet-like tail.

Michal Drahus— astronomer, Jagiellonian University, Poland—states that the most of the observed properties of the body such as color, morphology, expected shape and size are turned out to be as similar as of the comets present in native solar systems surprisingly. The observations hold a prominent place in studying this comet as they highlight the presence of more such comets in interstellar space. They also highlight the previous studies about similar appearance of the comets present in interstellar space as that of the comets exist in our solar system.

As per Piotr Guzik— astronomer, Jagiellonian University —the observations about the speed of the comet at which it is heading towards the sun and the strange nature observed in its orbital path, as well, confirms that its origin is clearly out of the solar system boundary. It is expected that a space probe might be sent to visit interstellar objects in upcoming decade which will help in thorough analysis of the objects, he added.

It is said that both the interstellar objects were entered in interstellar space due to gravitational perturbations in the planetary system.

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