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Google Pixel 4 box leaked along with its contents.

Google Pixel 4 has been suffering with many leaks in the past few weeks.

The last-minute leaks still continue for the phone as in the weekend, the retail packaging of the smaller phone had been leaked on Sunday night. Similar to its style in the past years, the box highlights the basic specs of the phone and what is included.

Google has once more opted for the phones rear side and its camera being highlighted all over the box. In this case it is the Just Black variant and it has matching components along with the bright power button.

G logo has been put up large with the Pixel 4 underneath. The left edge has Google written on it while on the back there is a #teampixel hashtag. The early units though had clearly emerged in the wild; the devices had been shipped without branding in generic boxes.

The packaging of this phone is similar to that of the Pixel 3a as this box features a product shot of a facedown of Pixel 4 in the real world. It rests on a wooden surface and has a white lock key which specifically stands out. There are two pull tabs to open quickly.

The final aspect of this leaked box shows the specifics of the device which include the screen size of 5.7 inch and storage capacity of 64 GB. There is a list of what is included besides the phone which is a charging cable, 18W USB-C power adapter and a quick switch adapter too. There are no headphones or USB-C to 3.5 mm convertor which has strangely been excluded.

The unit has been made in China and also features a holographic sticker to verify its authenticity.

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