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Google Maps To Get More In-Depth Spoken Walking Directions

Google is launching out a Maps upgrade that includes more thoroughly spoken directions for walking, with the target of assisting vision-impaired individuals navigate with more easily. The thorough voice guidance function will tell users when they are approaching a huge intersection and tell consumers when to turn, so they can be more cautious on the roads. If consumers move away accidentally from their path, the voice will allow them know Maps is helping them to re-route.

A Google business analyst who is legally visually impaired, Wakana Sugiyama, wrote on the firm’s site that the loud reminders “not only assist a visually impaired individual get from one point to another, they can also offer us more reassurance and confidence when we travel alone. With detailed voice assistance in Google Maps, my journey vanishes into the background and I can aim more on what I will do at my concluding stop.”

The firm declared the function earlier on World Sight Day. It might also be helpful for individuals who just do not want to see at their handsets too much when they are making an effort to get somewhere. It appears to be another helpful tool for visually impaired and blind people. Microsoft, for example, has a Seeing AI application that users can employ to know more about their environment.

The spoken directions function is launching out this week on Android and iOS, initially in the US in English and in Japan in Japanese. Google Maps will include support for other languages and countries. You can turn on the feature in the app’s navigation settings from the walking options.

On a related note, Incognito mode in Google Maps earlier made its way to all consumers, just a few weeks after it launched to the preview group of the app for testing.

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