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Security Council likely to discuss N.Korea Missile Test

Closed door talks may soon be held by UN Security Council on the subject of North Korea’s test of a sea launched missile even as European nations are continuing to keep the pressure on Pyongyang to desist from enhancing its nuclear capabilities. This decision was made after North Korea claimed that it has successfully managed to test a ballistic missile launched by an undersea submarine. As both US and North Korea start talks about nuclear capabilities this week the demand for closed door meeting was made by Security Council’s members Britain, France and Germany. The talks were slated for late this week but now they have been postponed to next week due to scheduling constraints.

The European nations consider the test carried out by North Korea as a breach of UN resolutions so it pressed the US delegation to take up the issue. As the American delegation did not want a formal meeting they opted for a closed door session said one diplomat. According to President Donald Trump who has a great relationship with Kim Jong Un has stayed away from saying anything to North Korea about its tests and both nations are trying to get an agreement that can be signed by North Korea to start nuclear disarmament.

Diplomats from other countries however expressed concern about the tests saying that it is a clear violation of UN Security Council’s resolutions and there should be discussions about it. During August Britain, Germany and France sought a Security Council meeting after Pyongyang tested its large multiple rocket launcher. But later all of them just insisted on continuing international sanctions on North Korea. To force North Korea to give up its nuclear and ballistic weapons program around three set of UN sanctions have been imposed on it. These limit its ability to import crude oil and also prevent it from expanding export of fish, textiles and coal.

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