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Study Reveals Optimism May Be The Key To Enhance Lifespan

New research carried out to study the relationship between positive optimism and health shows that sunny outlook about life can help to guard against heart strokes and early death. The study which was based on review of 15 studies and involved scrutiny of medical records of more than 230000 men and women found the findings remarkably consistent among all. According to lead author of the study Dr. Alan Rozanski, cardiology professor at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s hospital NY, optimists had 35% lesser risk for most serious health complications related to heart disease when compared to pessimists.

Dr. Rozanski stated that connection between mind and body is the common link between all age groups ranging from teenagers to people in their 90’s which suggests that optimism is an asset that doesn’t have any age restrictions. Investigation of ten of the studies which specifically studied impact positivity on heart health while nine studies were on how individual outlook affected a person’s risk of death from wide range of illnesses. The investigators asked people basic questions about their expectations for the future and in response some participants stated that they remain positive despite uncertainty.

Some of these positive thinkers stated that they never assume positive outcomes for future. People that have positive viewpoints are most likely to remain healthy and have a strong heart. But despite the magnitude of this association between happiness and health there is no evidence to prove that optimism protects against heart disease and premature death. But even then the team directed attention to several positive details about how optimism directly and indirectly could help prevent illness. Some of these review studies indicate that optimistic people are more capable of handling problems, developing mechanisms to cope with problems and likely to realize goals. These are the kind of skills that would drive people to take good care of their health.

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