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Ex FB Employee Mocks Work Culture Through YouTube Videos

Patrick Shyu, an erstwhile software engineer at Facebook, mocked the company’s work culture in a video posted on his YouTube video channel. The video titled, “Day in the Life of a Facebook Software Engineer,” is not about any ordinary day at the company. Instead, it is about the day when he was fired by the social networking giant about a month back.

The mock video shows Shyu getting ready for office. He said he gave everything for his job – evenings, weekends, and personal life. The former employee says that the job consumed him. Further, in the clip, he pretends to have a meeting with an HR representative who fires him because she does not like Shyu’s YouTube channel.

He proceeds and mocks the company and its culture. Shyu is seen saying that at Facebook, everything is a popularity contest. Projects and ideas, instead of being driven by logic, are inspired by comments and likes.

Going further, the software engineer says Facebook is all about receiving notifications where people show off what they accomplished.

Shyu’s YouTube channel – “TechLead” has over half-a-million subscribers. He has posted six videos mocking Facebook, since August 26, the day he was fired.

Shyu had joined Facebook in May 2018 and worked for the company for just over a year. His LinkedIn profile says he worked for four years with Google at their San Bruno office in California. The videos on his channel give insights and depict the life of a typical software developer. His videos have views in the hundreds of thousands, sometimes exceeding a million.

In a recent video, after being fired from Facebook, Shyu said he probably makes more than $500,000 through his channel. He called it funny that he was making such a massive amount of money through his YouTube channel. He compared those half-million dollars to his salary at Google and Facebook. In January, some former Facebook employees had expressed disappointment about the company’s performance review system.

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