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Trump’s New Rules For Fuel Not Likely To Be Beneficial, Say Experts

President Trump’s new rules for fuel is likely to not go down too well in the country, say experts. The new rules will abolish California’s capacity to set its fuel economy authorizations and also introduce a new mileage standard.

Many are however, doubtful of the popularity that will be garnered by the new move. This is in view of a majority of auto manufacturers already on the path of bringing out more electric vehicles in the future and a series of American states already emulating California’s tough stance on greenhouse gas emissions.

The Trump administration stated that California could focus better on regulating other pollutants rather than deciding the fuel economy norms for the entire country. California will not take to this new issuance without giving a fight, said its Attorney General Xavier Becerra. He stated that they were the ones who had taken the climate crisis issue head-on and now there was no backing out.

The second aspect of mileage rules is expected to be announced in few weeks, stated the Department of Transportation. The expected mandate of a ‘SAFE’ vehicle will be less pressure-some on auto manufacturers for conversion into the electric car technology. The Trump administration felt that it was quite wrongful for auto manufacturers to sponsor the new technology through a steep hike in prices of conventional trucks and SUVs.

The new rules, according to them, would heighten the safety aspect of latest models of conventional vehicles equipped as they will be with superior emissions and safety equipment. Many are however, skeptical of the success of new rules. With battery operated cars being touted as the cars of the future around the globe, discouraging their production in America makes no sense. Another fact remains about the uncertainty of political leadership of the country with the next elections due in just over a year from now. If Democrats come to power then new tougher mileage rules are here to stay. And auto manufacturers will not find it easy to change their policy once again.

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