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FDA Votes For Approving Treatment For Peanut Allergies In Kids

The FDA’s APA Committee voted to approve a major peanut allergy treatment plan designed for alleviating the condition in children. Named Palforzia, the drug is capable of minimizing the severity and incidence of deadly allergic reactions that occur in patients ranging from 4-17, as a result of consuming peanuts.

Although this advisory committee decided to approve this treatment, final approval will be considered by the FDA only during January. The FDA is known for following the advisory committee’s lead though. In case the approval goes through, this treatment will be the 1st FDA-approved plan designed for treating peanut allergies occurring in children.

CEO Jayson Dallas, who heads Aimmune Therapeutics, a drug manufacturer, stated that his company was extremely pleased about the approval received from the FDA’s APA Committee. He stated that the recommendation was a sign that viable treatment options were becoming necessary to treat this allergy, which had life-threatening consequences.

Over 3M Americans happen to have tree nut and peanut allergies. The ACAAI states that over 2.5% of all American children suffer from peanut allergies in one form or the other.

Peanut allergies rank about the top most common allergies suffered by children in the US. Children suffering from peanut allergy can experience multiple symptoms including swelling, hives, breathing issues, diarrhea, indigestion, and cramping upon being exposed to peanuts.

The most serious reaction that can occur is anaphylaxis, which is when the body starts displaying symptoms including dizziness, fainting, lower BP levels, and impaired breathing condition. When not administered treatment properly, anaphylaxis may have fatal consequences.

At the moment, people suffering from allergies are advised to stay away from peanuts. In case they’re exposed to them, people are advised to use drugs such as injectable epinephrine or EpiPen. In case the allergy shows milder symptoms, antihistamines are administered, which are effective as well.

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