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Wendy’s Makes Ambitious Plans To Launch Breakfast Menu

Wendy’s fast food chain will soon be serving breakfast.

The food chain plans to introduce breakfast to customers in the United States. The company will be recruiting more employees for this purpose. The announcement to launch its breakfast menu came from the company on Monday. It will require franchisee support too for this new scheme.

Breakfast is already available at 300 locations at Wendy’s. Bacon sandwich and honey butter chicken biscuit are served at these locations.

It plans to bring in new menu items like Cheeseburger for $5 and chicken sandwiches. Biggie Bag is a new meal deal that will be offered for $5. Coffee, breakfast sandwiches and many more will be available at Wendy’s.

About 20,000 more people will be employed to make breakfast available at its outlets. There are about 6,000 Wendy restaurants and the food chain will be providing these items at all its outlets.

CEO Todd Penegor says “we expect incredible growth opportunities” by introducing breakfast into the menu. He says “our breakfast menu will set us apart from the competition”

However, this will cost the company around $20 million by expanding into breakfast. It has lowered its financial outlook for the current year. Adjusted earnings per share are expected to decline by 3.5 percent for this year.

Earlier in 1985, the company had introduced breakfast in its 3,000 stores. But it was only for nine months. Now, the company has planned things differently.

Other companies are already in the breakfast category. Taco Bell has introduced breakfast combos while Burger King has introduced breakfast too. McDonald’s donut sticks have been quite a hit. Dunkin’s sandwiches and breakfast bowls have brought up first-quarter sales by 2.4 percent. Dunkin is also trying its plant-based sausage at its stores in New York City.

More information about its breakfast offerings will be provided by Wendy’s during its Investor Day which is on Oct 11.

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