CVS ropes in Fitbit Executive to head its consumer health business

Adam Pallegrini, an executive in Fitbit has been hired by CVS in order to lead their consumer health efforts. According to a memo dated August 28, CVS is expecting Adam Pallegrini to join their team by upcoming Monday as the vice president of their transformation consumer health products. Pallegrini will have to report to Adam Lotvin and start by leading the incubation and ideation of their consumer based health services and products that drive the growth and value of the enterprise.

A spokesperson from CVS has come out and confirmed that the hiring has been done. CVS has declined to share any specific details about the project that Pallegrini is called in to work on. Fitbit has also announced the departure of Adam Pallegrini in their internal blog. They have also confirmed that their own health solutions COO Amy Mcdonough will be replacing him.CVS is going under a transformation period currently after they acquired Aetna which is a health insurance firm, for a total of $70 billion. Company is currently renovating its 1500 preexisting health hubs around the country to facilitate their drug stores with blood test facilities, dieticians etc.

CVS is taking these measures to ensure that their customers maintain business with them instead of ordering their medical needs from online stores. They also realize that they need to invest in creating their own digital presence to compete with emerging companies in the sector.CVS is already offering virtual visits from doctors through their smartphone app in partnership with Teladoc, which is a telemedicine company.

Fitbit hired Pallegrini as VP of digital health in order to lead the company’s healthcare front. Fitbit hired him from Walgreen Boots Alliance which is a rival of CVS; he held a similar role there as well and helped the company in introducing telemedicine and the integration of health data from wearable devices into different reward programs.

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