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Firefighters Who Served On 9/11 At Greater Cardiovascular Health Risk

Firefighters that rushed to rescue people from the burning remains of World Trade Center during attack of 9/11 are perishing due to health related issues that chiefly consists of cardiovascular problems, says a study published in Journal of American Medical Association. The study which was conducted by doctors of Albert Einstein College of Medicine has revealed that there is a strong association between exposure to situation at WTC and high risk of heart disease. It also pointed out that James Zadroga 9/11 Act of Health and Compensation did not cover cardiovascular uses so firefighters who were part of the rescue team did not receive any compensation for cardiovascular problems.

The cardiovascular problems that firefighters who participated in Ground Zero rescue are likely to suffer from are stroke, heart attack, angioplasty and coronary artery surgery. Previous studies carried out on these firefighters were for existence of cancer and other health issues but this is the first time that 9796 firefighters were examined for heart problems. Researchers examined all firefighters involved at ground zero and also the duration of their work there while examining if any of them developed cardiovascular problems in the years after that.

They discovered that first group of firefighters who arrived on day one of the attacks had 44 % higher risk of cardiovascular problems in comparison to others who came in following days and weeks after. People that worked on the site for more than six months had 30 % higher risk of cardiovascular problems when compared with those who worked for lesser periods.  16000 firefighters that were involved in rescue, cleaning and recovery operations of Ground Zero have been part of comprehensive health checkup and evaluation program since 2002 by medical institutions of New York under a government program. CDC has also stated that these firefighters   are still suffering from mental health problems, digestive disorders and musculoskeletal problems and cancers due to fumes and smoke inhaled from the rubble of WTC.

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