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Almost 900 Got Mumps Infection While In Government Detention Center In 2018

According to a report released by the Disease Prevention and Control Centers on Thursday, approximately 900 migrants who were in the custody of the U.S. contracted mumps while residing at the country’s holding centers just in the last one year. For the period, September 1, 2018,to August 22, 2019, the country has confirmed 899 possible cases of mumps in adults spread over 57 facilities of holding. Additionally, more than 30 staff members also contracted this preventable virus. As per the CDC, this marks the first outbreak of mumps in the facilities of detention.

Reports from CDC stated that 84% of the infected patients got exposed to the disease while staying in the U.S. facilities. The organization also added that only 5% out of them were exposed prior to being apprehended. Dr. Jeffrey Duchin of the Washington University said that this outbreak of mumps is definitely a big red flag showing that the facilities present a clear risk of spreading several infectious diseases.

In the past one year, the U.S. has noticed an influx of migrants crossing southern borders, to seek relief from their home country. The period of October to July saw about 259,000 single adult individuals as well as 433,000 families were apprehended right at Southwest borders, thus causing facilities to get overcrowded. When it comes to the disease, mumps is an airborne disease that is highly contagious but not always deadly. Usually, it can be prevented if one uses two dosages of the rubella vaccine.

As per the guidance rules issued by the CDC, officials of the public health department need to recommend third dosages of this particular vaccine to those who have had close interaction with infected people. Customs Enforcement and Immigration of the U.S. chose not to immediately respond when requested for a comment on the rates of vaccination and processes of screening the disease.

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