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Migrant Boy Who Died On Christmas Evening Had Flu Like Symptoms

Migrant Boy Who Died On Christmas Evening Had Flu Like Symptoms

Following the death of a boy of Guatemala in the custody of US earlier this week, experts say it seems that the boy Felipe Alonzo-Gomez was suffering from flu. The experts of infectious diseases said that flu is a deadly disease that can be treated only if detected early.

On Tuesday the US Customs and Border Protection said on Monday the boy showed influenza symptoms. He was rushed to a hospital nearby.

The federal agency released an account of care that the boy received at the hospital. It does not talk about any flu test administered to the patient.

Houston Baylor College of Medicine’s associate professor, Dr. Flor Muñoz said that the death of the child could have been prevented.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s associate professor (pediatrics) and an infectious disease expert, Dr. Buddy Creech said that flu is a mild disease, but it also has the potential to turn deadly for children. Antiviral medications can treat flu, as per the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The fatal complications of flu-like dehydration and bacterial infections can be treated.

On December 24, the patient and his father were brought to Alamogordo’s hospital by border patrol agents at 9:30 am. CBP stated that the boy from Guatemala suffered from influenza symptoms, which included coughing.

Federal agency stated that during his treatment at the hospital, the boy ran a 103 degrees temperature. It also added that the boy was given a strep throat test.

Felipe was discharged from the hospital the same afternoon after the doctors diagnosed him suffering from common cold. According to the agency they prescribed him the antibiotic amoxicillin and ibuprofen.

 Felipe vomited that night and after some time he along with his father was brought to Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center by a border patrol agent. On his way to the center, the boy started vomiting again and he lost consciousness. The boy was declared dead at 11:48 pm while he was in the hospital.

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