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China’s WeChat Is Copying Snapchat Stories Along With Others

Snap just cannot catch a break from firms copying its signature Stories function in their applications. The Chinese social app behemoth, WeChat, has launched a Time Capsule function whose disappearing clips will appear uncannily similar if you have employed Instagram or Snapchat. You cannot find them in a devoted section, but the fundamental idea stays: you can record a 15-second video that your group chat participants or friends can see.

The inclusion arrives as fraction of a bigger renovation for WeChat that comprises a simple way to view the posts that your friends have liked. You possibly will not use the renovated WeChat unless you reside in China, but it is essential as it attempts to vie against everything from shopping to TikTok. And essentially, it further lowers the value of Snapchat. How is Snap going to show up when primary social media giants all over the globe are copying its best-recognized feature? Even though there is not a huge amount of instant overlap in consumers when Snapchat is banned in China, the move by WeChat can make global expansion that much difficult.

On a related note, earlier Tencent, the firm that controls WeChat, claimed that it is including one more feature to the newest version of the application for iOS—stickers. The stickers on WeChat are not just another compilation of cartoons. They are being dubbed as “selfie stickers” since they feature YOU. And similar to Apple’s Memoji and Animoji, they are in fact kind of fun to play with.

As the name suggests, you can take a short video or click a pic of yourself, change the background, speed up the video, include text if you like, and save it to your collection of sticker on your iPhone. Then it is all set to go whenever you feel like giving a surprise to family and friends with your goofy sticker.

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