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Coli Roots Found In A California Farm

coli Roots Found In A California Farm

It is suspected that the outbreak of the E. coli infection is linked to a Californian farm that grows romaine lettuce. However, the federal health officials have stated this is not the sole reason for all the sicknesses reported.

Till date, 59 people were reported to fall sick due to the outbreak of the ailment across the 15 states. The CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that 23 people were sickened enough to be hospitalized but nobody has died due to the sickness.

The investigations have proven that the strain of E. coli is found in the sediment on a farm in Santa Barbara County of an irrigation reservoir, located on the central coast of California. Adam Brothers Family Farm has ceased the shipping of the romaine lettuce and is contributing to the investigation executed by the Food and Drug Administration and CDC.

The investigation has also stated that all the sicknesses reported are not traced to this firm, which proves that the contamination is also coming from other sources. The Senior Adviser to the Commissioner of the FDA, Dr. Stephen Ostroff stated that the disease was found in multiple processors, farms, and distributors. Therefore, it is proved that this farm is not the only farm responsible for all the outbreaks.

The latest outbreak started in October, after which the CDC and FDA have suggested the people not to consume romaine lettuce. In November, six of the Californian states reported the outbreak. Three counties are implicated now, which are Monterey, Santa Barbara, and San Benito.

The agencies have confirmed that the consumption of romaine lettuce is safe and now the products entering the market will be labeled with the harvest date and location to simplify the investigation procedure in case of any further outbreak. The items will be labeled as the greenhouse or hydroponically grown.

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